Assist with Clearing and Repairing Our Storage Unit!

Saturday September 2nd – 10am – 4pm

3-4 people needed for cleaning out a storage unit and repairing the floor.

We have access to a storage unit on our new farm, but it’s currently filled with the previous tenant’s abandoned items and unwanted belongings. We’re calling on volunteers to help us revamp this space. We need assistance with sorting, clearing, and performing minor floor repairs, all with the goal of transforming it into a functional storage area for essential supplies for the animals.

What’s Involved: This project involves sorting through debris and clearing it all out.  Additionally, we’ll be making some minor repairs to the floor which has some rotted floorboards. On the outside, the back area requires similar attention. This project is perfect for a small group of 2-4 people.

How You Can Help:  Whether you’re skilled at organizing or find satisfaction in tidying up, your participation would be greatly appreciated. Having someone with experience in fixing floors and addressing rotted platforms in the back area would be particularly helpful.

What to Bring: Gloves to protect your hands would be recommended.

Location:  81 Mt. Herman Road, Blairstown, NJ 07825 (please note this is NOT a mailing address)