July 16, 2023

[Columbia, NJ] – The Barnyard Sanctuary, one of NJ’s oldest farm animal sanctuaries, is rapidly approaching their relocation deadline as their lease expires. The sanctuary is urgently seeking a rental, lease, or creative financing opportunity, either on 30 acres for a temporary location or 150 acres for their forever farm. Ideally, they are searching within Warren, Sussex, or Hunterdon Counties in New Jersey.

Known for their commitment to animal welfare, The Barnyard Sanctuary has rescued over 3,500 animals since its inception in 2010, playing a vital role in assisting individuals in the community with their farm animals. Additionally, the sanctuary has formed meaningful partnerships with organizations that provide aid to the homeless and other vulnerable populations.

With their lease expiration rapidly approaching, Tamala Lester, Founder and President of The Barnyard Sanctuary emphasized the urgency of finding a new home. “The Barnyard Sanctuary is more than just a sanctuary for animals; we strive to foster compassion and make a positive impact in our community,” said  Tamala Lester. “Our imminent relocation deadline puts our mission and the well-being of our animals at stake. We urgently appeal to the community for assistance in finding a new property.”

The sanctuary is open to various options, including farms available for rent, lease agreements, or creative financing solutions. They require a minimum of 30 acres for a temporary location to ensure the animals’ immediate welfare. Simultaneously, they are actively seeking a larger 150-acre property for their forever farm to expand their operations and continue their community outreach efforts.

In addition to potential property leads, The Barnyard Sanctuary gratefully accepts donations to help cover moving expenses and support their capital campaign. As they navigate this critical period, financial contributions are instrumental in securing the sanctuary’s future and expanding their capacity to provide assistance to animals and individuals in need within the community.

At this pivotal moment, The Barnyard Sanctuary is reaching out to the compassionate heroes within the community. They are particularly interested in connecting with individuals who may know of a farm that can be donated or sponsored by a corporation in exchange for naming rights or other mutually beneficial arrangements.

For more information or to provide leads on potential farm locations, please contact  Tamala Lester, Founder and President at tamala@barnyardsanctuary.org or 973-670-4477. Donations can be made through their website at https://barnyardsanctuary.org, where additional details about their mission, community partnerships, and relocation efforts can also be found.

Let us come together to support The Barnyard Sanctuary as they work tirelessly to secure a new home for their cherished animals and continue their mission of promoting compassion for all beings.


About The Barnyard Sanctuary

The Barnyard Sanctuary’s mission is to rescue and advocate for farm animals who are displaced or abused, to provide them with a safe and loving home, and to inspire a more compassionate future for humans, animals, and the planet. The Barnyard Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit organization and contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.