New Farm Cleanup

Saturday 4/13/24 11am- 3pm

COMPLETED: 3/22/24, 3/30/24, 4/6/24

This is the first of many projects to be done here at our NEW FARM!! We unexpectedly were able to rent this incredible 170 acre farm, with 3 barns and a duplex house. We are scrambling to get all the work done so that we can move in asap and not pay 2 leases every month. There are many ways you can help, not all are listed, so please reach out if there is something else you could help us with.

Here’s a look at some of the first things needed:

Removal of last tenant’s debris: There are animal houses and cages all over the property that need to be dismantled, relocated and/or removed. The house still has clothes in the closets and the basement has junk to throw out.

Barn cleanups: The tenant had free roaming farm animals that went in and out of barns at will for 8 years, with no cleanup being done. Under all that desiccated poop are stacks of beautiful old lumber that we can use to rebuild portions of the barns. Old appliances need to be removed for the scrap metal pile.

Gathering of usable items: There is usable lumber, fencing, wire, etc, laying all over that needs to be consolidated. Several pieces of large equipment need to be loaded on our trailers, to take to see if can be repaired.

How you can help: We need labor to pick up and move things around, dismantle cages, and organize.  If you have a hammer and basic demo tools, this would be helpful. You will need to bring gloves, water and lunch, as there is no water or electric on site yet. We will get a Porta Potty.

Location:  37 Swayze Mill Road, Hope, NJ (please use Blairstown, NJ 07825 for GPS))

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