Many of you reading this post may fantasize over the thought of someday being able to dedicate your lives to rescuing animals. But, due to life’s circumstances, are unable to do so. I was once like that, until given the opportunity of a lifetime, to make my dream a reality.

If you are a dreamer, who wants to rescue but can’t, perhaps you could do the next best thing. Help me rescue them.

The hardest part of any rescuer’s life is being able to pay for everything needed for the well being of these innocent animals on an ongoing basis. Help us to continue to help them, by signing up as a monthly donor. Every $7 buys a bale of hay, $75 a giant round bale of hay, $25 a bag of feed.

By doing so, you are making part of your dream of rescuing animals a reality, as we cannot do it without your support.

Thank you,

Tamala Lester, Founding Director