Chickpea Un-tuna Salad

Many people are concerned with the state of our oceans.
The best way to help save them, is to leave the sea life in their homes and eat something else.

Have I got the perfect alternative for you!

Chickpea Un-tuna salad.

Quick, easy and incredibly healthy.. no microplastics or harmful mercury to be found in this meal! It’s a win win for all- the fish in the ocean AND your body!

Here is the simple recipe:

Grab a can of chickpeas, open, wash and drain them
Use a masher or a fork to mash them so they are no longer whole
Chop up onion, celery and any other veggie you typically add to a “tuna salad”
Add vegan mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, and different spices
*Some people add nori to their chickpea un-tuna salads to add more of a “fishy” taste*
Make your sandwich
I like to add lettuce, tomatoes and avocado to mine but you can add whatever your heart (and belly) desires.


Written by Jessica Nieves

Jessica has a background in Early Childhood Education and is currently working for a company that does contract work in the Telecommunications industry. She is a mother to 3 little miracles. Jessica has been a grassroots animal rights activist for several years and is a dedicated volunteer, as well as the Board VP, at the Barnyard Sanctuary- her “happy place!”

July 16, 2023

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