Visit The Farm

visit the farm

We are currently located on 4 acres in Frelinghuysen, NJ, where all our birds are housed.

Larger animals are temporarily placed in foster farms in the area, or sent directly to their new homes.

We are in the process of raising funds to purchase a 100 acre farm in the immediate area. Once this is completed and barns and fences installed, all operations will take place at one location.

when you can visit

Once we have purchased the farm and are set up, we will be having regularly scheduled days/hours we will be open. Stay tuned for more info soon.

address and directions

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We will update this with our address as soon as we buy the farm. It will link to MapQuest for directions. In the meantime, the current location is Tamala and Bob’s home.

As this is a personal residence not open to the general public, make sure you call first.

The best phone number to reach us at for now is Tamala’s cell phone 973-670-4477. Call for faxing information if you need it.