Help Frances

Our sweet gentle giant Frances, a 30-year-old Clydesdale, is now facing dental surgery to alleviate pain and stop an infection that has now spread to his sinuses.

Frances spent his life as a much-loved companion and came to us when his owner was faced with a life changing illness at the young age of 44.  Knowing what her diagnosis meant, she set out on a mission to make sure all of her horses would be taken care of.

Her biggest fear was that her horses would find themselves in the slaughter pipeline.  All they have known was love and safety and her wish is that it would remain that way.  While she was able to find loving homes for most of her horses, she wasn’t successful with her 2 eldest horses Frances and Lily.  Sadly age and for Frances the amount he eats a day, were going against them.

Learning of her situation, we welcomed them to The Barnyard Sanctuary to help ensure they lived out their remaining years in safety and security.  Unfortunately, Frances’ age is now catching up with him.

Since we are 100% funded by donations, it’s only with your support we are able to provide the care Frances so desperately needs.

Will you help with this emergency medical expense?  Every donation counts, no amount is too small!  Your gift will go directly towards the cost of this life saving surgery.

Thank you for helping Frances get the care he needs and deserves. With your support we continue to fulfill our promise he will receive the best care we can provide.


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