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Year End Fundraiser 2017

giving tuesday

Giving Tuesday marked the beginning of our year end fundraising efforts. It is a global movement towards charity and kindness; a way to get people to step back from the commercialization of the holidays and remember the intended spirit of the season.

While the holiday season is synonymous with kindness and charity, we are so fortunate to experience it all year long.  We see this not only through the encouragement of our community and kindness of supporters, but also through the love and resiliency that the animals show in return. These animals are all someone to us.  We believe each and every one of them deserve so much more, they deserve a second chance at life.  If you are reading this, you probably think so too and we ask you to join us and others like you who are passionate about saving animals.

The Barnyard Sanctuary has been able to save more animals this year than ever before!  We’ve been able to do this with the help of supporters like you.  But there is still more work to do!  We are counting on your generosity to help stock our food pantry this winter.  As you can imagine, keeping over 700 farm animals fed is a big expense!  In fact, feed and hay together is our largest expense.  We are currently working towards making sure we have enough food to last through the winter months.  Will you help us meet our goal?

Please help by donating any amount you can.  You can also start your own fundraiser for The Barnyard Sanctuary!  With your help we will continue to help those who have overcome the odds and will continue to be a place of hope, safety and compassion for rescued farm animals.

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