Animal Info

How To Surrender An Animal

We know how very difficult it is to give up a loved pet, regardless of the species. Sometimes, all that is needed is a temporary place for the animal to stay while you are away (like college or the Armed Forces). Or perhaps you are recovering from an illness or surgery, the loss of your job or home, or relocating to another area and need time to get set up for your animals. We offer you the options of boarding, temporary fostering, adoption to a good home or permanent residency on our farm.

If you have a pet farm animal that is listed as an animal that we accept, please give us a call. We will schedule a time that you can visit us first or to drop the animal off. If you do not have transportation for the animal and need assistance, we will do what we can to help you. Please be sure to bring all records you may have on the animal (if any), such as vet records, vaccination records, milking records, registration papers, bills of sales, etc.

Once you arrive, you will be requested to fill out a short animal intake form. For the safety of our employees and volunteers, as well as the other animals here on the farm, we need for you to be totally honest with us about the safety of this animal. If your animal bites, kicks, rams, or is sick, etc. it does not necessarily mean we will not accept it, we just want to protect everyone who will be taking care of your animal so that no one gets hurt. At that time, a joint decision will be made as to whether your animal is to be boarded, fostered, placed up for adoption, or is to remain on the farm. All incoming animals must be quarantined for a period of time.

As you may know, The Barnyard Sanctuary is run solely on donations, You already know what it costs to feed your animal, and have it vet checked. Please help us defray these costs as much as you are able.

How To Adopt An Animal

If you are looking for a particular species of animal to adopt, please check out the “adopt me” page. If you are not sure what animal you want, or what it would take to adopt a particular animal, we would be happy to advise you! Please give us a call and set up an appointment, so that we have enough time set aside to give you the individual attention you will need.

Once you have chosen an animal that you wish to adopt, you will be questioned thoroughly to make sure the animal will be going to a good home. We also make home inspections to make sure the animal has suitable housing. WE WILL NOT JUST HAND OVER AN ANIMAL TO SOMEONE ON THE SPOT, unless you have adopted from us previously and already had a home inspection. The animal must have housing before it goes home with you. Too many baby chicks and rabbits are homeless from people taking them home on a whim, only to face reality later.

You will be required to sign an adoption contract and pay an adoption fee. If you have never had a farm animal before and do not have a vet, do not worry. We will be happy to teach you all you need to know and give you our own farm vet to use in the future. You can also come to the farm for some hands-on time with the animals, before adopting, to make sure you are comfortable and making the right decision. We will even teach you how to trim hooves, if you want to do them yourselves.

Please note that you will be adopting someone else’s beloved pet, from a sanctuary. These are pets, not food animals, and are treated accordingly. You will be expected to treat them in the same manner. As such, all male animals will be neutered and breeding is expressly forbidden.

Animals We Accept

We are a farm animal sanctuary. We will do our best to help you place any pet farm animal you might have, either by taking it here to the farm, or by keeping it in it’s current location and adopting it out from there. If you have a non-traditional farm animal, please contact us, to see if we are able to help.

Animals we do not accept

We limit ourselves to farm animals. We do not accept exotic animals (snakes, reptiles, rodents, etc.) or wildlife. We also do not accept dog or cat owner surrenders.

If you have an animal not on this list, nor on the list of who we do accept, give us a call. We are always willing to try and help, even if it’s just a referral.