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About Our Farm

It was just 7 years ago that I founded The Barnyard Sanctuary, with the simple goal of helping people who needed to rehome their pet farm animals. Initially we were taking in farm animals whose owners experienced illness, financial difficulties, zoning issues and loss of their homes due to divorce.   However, as the word got out, local animal control officers, the NJ SPCA and other authorities turned to us to help with their farm animal cases. It was then we learned about the world of farm animal cruelty.  Our eyes were opened… our hearts were broken… and we became advocates for the animals and living a plant based, cruelty free lifestyle.

Since opening our doors, we have saved the lives of nearly 3,000 farm animals!  Today, approximately 700 farm animals call us home.  It’s amazing what we have been able to accomplish in just a short period of time.  As I look back, what surprises me the most is how this experience has impacted me in so many ways that it’s hard to describe.  Who knew that it would be more than animals whose lives would be changed?  It is this journey that shapes our vision of the future.

Our current location is a rental property of 15 acres, and while it’s allowed us to do great things, we have continued to actively search for a FOREVER FARM to call our own.  We have found the perfect location just 4 miles from where we are now!  It is a 153-acre farm, which not only will allow us to provide sanctuary for more farm animals that are in desperate need, but will also allow us to become a self sustaining working organic farm.

What is so great about the new location is it will allow us to significantly cut our current overhead expenses and run with greater efficiency.  For example, hay is one of our largest expenses.  With the new property, we will be able provide fields for animals to graze year round and store excess hay for the winter.  While we make do with what we have now, we know we could do so much better.  Our existing water supply and electrical service is totally insufficient for our current needs- this will be rectified once we are able to relocate.  Our new forever farm already has a house and 2 apartments, which will provide residences for multiple onsite management personnel, making a safer, supervised haven for our residents.  It even features 4 large ponds, a huge dairy barn, fencing, multiple outbuildings, storage shed and workshop.  The possibilities are endless!

Once we settle in, we will also start a program to provide a safe living environment for displaced housewives, where they can learn new trades, offering training in retail sales at our farm stand/store, office management, animal care, gardening/farming and subsequently helping them to find a job so they start fresh.  We will also help bees, butterflies and others on the endangered species list by creating a habitat for them, and partner with local schools on plant-based food education programs for school children.  We plan to build a vegan, organic hydroponic vertical greenhouse and provide the public with free vegan cooking lessons.  This property offers us the opportunity to do so much more, in addition to  saving more farm animals, it will also help us to strengthen our community and help more people in need.

Our first step is for us is to purchase the property, make necessary building repairs and install fencing, in preparation for the move.  Then, we will be able to bring our residents to their new home.

We are ready to take the leap but WE NEED YOU to help bring it all to life!

We have a link to the video of the property we wish to purchase just below this paragraph. We respectfully request that you watch this video, and then please consider making a tax-deductible donation now for The Barnyard Sanctuary’s Forever Home.  You can mail a check to our mailing address listed on the right side of the page, or you can use our donate button for an e-check, credit card or PayPal.

If you need a street address for overnight delivery, an account number for a wire transfer, or any other inquiries, please email us at

Thank you!

Tamala Lester, Founding Director
The Barnyard Sanctuary
a 501c(3) nonprofit

When You Can Visit

Visitation is by appointment only. We are available Monday- Friday 8am-3pm and Saturday 8am-12pm, closed Sundays for visitors during Winter months. We are closed to the public on all holidays.


We will give you our exact physical address when you have an appointment to visit us. For those of you who want to know where we are, in order to see how far away we are, we are located in Columbia, NJ (Warren County), less than 1 mile off exit 4 on Route 80, close to the Delaware Water Gap. We have found it necessary to do this, in order to keep people from leaving animals in front of our gate, coming over without an appointment and wandering the property unsupervised when we are closed. We hope you understand our caution, as the safety of the animals is our utmost concern.

Press Releases and News Videos

Tune in to Tamala Lester, Founding Director and General Manager of The Barnyard Sanctuary, every second Thursday of the month, at 8:15am EST.

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